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Move your best ideas forward with confidence.


Are you ready to move away from the status quo toward a more successful approach?

In a fast-paced world, it can be hard to stop, reflect and explore to gain the insight needed to refocus and find the right strategy to propel you and your organization.






Not sure what small actions you can take to realize the improvements and plans you can envision?

Now offering a wide variety of training topics and formats for personal and professional development related to effective human service delivery, management, leadership, community building and a wide variety of workplace issues.


Does the changing landscape have you contemplating the right path?

I specialize in new program development and assisting organizations in aligning with industry changes, government mandates, best practices, systems integration, and new partner engagement.


Adept at “team of teams” workplace strategies, I can assist in implementing new ways of bringing down the silos that hinder effective cross team collaboration.


Are you going through a shift or transition that has you lacking the confidence you once had and in search of opening new doors to what could be?

I schedule 1-on-1 coaching sessions tailored specifically for leaders, those new to management or those contemplating career shifts. Today’s workplace allows us to lead in bold and creative new ways. Having a clear roadmap in place assures you are ready to thrive.


Do you sometimes miss out on opportunities because you do not have the time to advance them without jeopardizing the current critical work before you?

I assist clients in launching new ventures and initiatives set for sustainability. Having an experienced professional engaged on your behalf can make all the difference in attaining a critical goal versus letting prospects for growth slip away!



"It takes knowledge and insight to identify and pursue opportunities that can take you to the next level  – 


the value added of having someone to walk alongside, to ask the impactful questions, brainstorm strategy and help you open the door to what could be, will propel you forward. 

I would be honored to be your trusted guide and partner on your journey."




She is a proactive, creative, results-driven leader with a unique blend of a counselor’s insight combined with an administrator’s acumen – furthered by her entrepreneurial drive and spirit.


Janell sees the power of relationship-building as the x-factor.


With a passion for lifelong learning, a focus on solutions not problems, and her belief that we can take our ideas to action when we have the resources and insight we need, make her your trusted guide.


After an accomplished career as a nonprofit C-Suite executive, Janell launched Insight to Solutions. Not one to be afraid of new ventures or ambitious goals, her company helps individuals, organizations, and systems thrive.


She offers training, project management, consulting services, and leadership coaching.


Janell is a licensed professional clinical counselor, trained mediator, and skilled trainer.


Together we can turn your ideas into action!

Janell Regimbal is on a mission to help people and organizations ignite their potential and move their best ideas forward with confidence.







Grand Forks, North Dakota

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Janell's project management skills were crucial to our success in securing a $10M grant for an important and high-profile community project. The process to funding included managing six different sub-committees comprised of representation from nearly 20 public and private entities. Janell seamlessly navigated the complexities of our project's requirements, and we could not have gotten our project across the finish line without her management expertise. We highly recommend Insight to Solutions to anyone in need of project management services.  


– Keith Lund

President/CEO, Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation

Janell is an excellent trainer who communicates complex concepts in an accessible and compassionate way. She incorporates opportunities for the audience to engage and reflect. She draws on her wealth of experience in social justice-oriented programs to provide real-world examples of the consequences of adverse childhood experiences as well as effective interventions for building individual and community resiliency. She is a champion for children, families, and communities, and her passion is palpable.


– Dr. Ramona Danielson
Assistant Professor, NDSU Department of Public Health

Janell has an abiding belief in community-based service delivery for juvenile justice involved youth, and a commitment to envisioning, developing, and implementing programs and services for those youth and their families…Her work is prolific, always blue ribbon, and covers the waterfront of human services.


– Lisa Bjergaard

Director, North Dakota Division of Juvenile Services

Janell Regimbal was exactly who we needed to facilitate a statewide book study of "What Happened to You. Conversations of Trauma, Resilience and Healing". Janell was well prepared for each virtually held book study gathering, engaging everyone involved. She explored different aspects of the book, holding space where needed, following with questions when appropriate and letting the group take leadership on the conversation throughout each study opportunity. Janell not only led the book study, but invested in the opportunity, by offering and making connections with each individual participant. I would highly recommend Janell as you will always receive the highest quality of engagement from her work.  


– Missi Baranko 

North Dakota Home Visiting Coalition Chair

Executive Director, USpireND

Throughout the years she has developed a reputation for developing new and effective services for children who just did not seem to fit anywhere else. Her integrity and commitment to these children were a well understood “given” by funding sources in and outside North Dakota attracting funding for new, creative services that were highly effective. 


– Tony Ingle

Former CEO, Lutheran Social Services of ND

She is a fierce leader who gracefully develops relationships and inspires collaboration with those around her. She is a powerful advocate for families. Janell has a beautiful ability to articulate the needs of vulnerable populations in a respectful manner and can converse seamlessly with both clients and state legislators.


– Kayla Hochstetler

Social Services Manager, Spectra Health

Janell is uniquely gifted with the rare ability to radiate balance through: Intelligence with compassion; candidness with kindness; strength with vulnerability; justice with mercy; steadfastness with modesty; assertiveness with humility, and honor with grace. Janell has greatly impacted my life by demonstrating that a professional woman can achieve excellence while remaining approachable and ‘down to earth.’  I have felt welcome to call Janell, or sit down and visit with her, at any time.  She has always offered keen insights and thoughtful responses.  I will be forever grateful to her. 


– Diana J. Weber, MA

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